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Harvest time!

Here we are!

We have begun harvests last tuesday. 

Grapps and fruits are ready as we are.

Let go on our FB page (Alavotrevins) to see the first pictures. 

Then keep calm and wait until it flows in your glass 😉

… A la vôtre ! 

What are you doing in next October?

Recuerdo de #VellaTerra

Thanx @VellaTerra for this first fair!

For it’s first edition, Barcelona has chosen Poble Espanhol.

What could be most refreshing and close to the theme than this reconstitution of an old spanish town

Everything is there : Organics wines, beers, vegetables, ham… All of them got something in common : Craft and natural.

So get your glasses and your forks and check out the video here

Do you know the « Gam’ Cab' »?

The Gam’ Cab’ is a wine 10% Gamay, 90% Cabernet

We can’t make it each year, but we did in 2013 and leaved it in the cave.

It’s ready now and wait for your mouth

Chin !


What a surprise!

We found Santa Klaus in our cave!

He drunk a lot but he’s now ready to fly, He’ll be there on time

Have a nice Christmas

pere noel dans la cave

Pigeage of the Picasses

The Picasses is the name of a little vineyard particularly well exposed. 

We work it with a traditional method and making pigeage on it.

What is pigeage? just look at the video right now


The new sauvignon’s coming!

the pictures are not always fines, sorry about that the light was not there.

We hope you enjoy



New sauvignon pressed!

After a week of carbonic maceration, the sauvignon 2015 was pressed today.

It’s going to fiber tanks for its alcoholic fermentation 

We had very nice fruits this year, it will be difficult to wait for tasting 😉20150915_134329 20150915_134425 20150915_134523 20150915_134536


The vines are happy!

A « solar » vintage in this year 2015 witch promises to be quality



Handmade from the beginning to the end

Capsulescapsule 2 capsuleLabelsétiquette 1 étiquette 2 etiquette2Back labelsCE1 CE2 CE3 contre etiquettePackingcartons cartons2mise en carton