What is « organic wine » ?

« There is not big or little things, there is something else. Something else is what I like, what I please and what I do! » Jacques Prévert.

We hear the same sentences every where:

– « is it biologic wine?

– No, it is natural wine! »

Therefore, the biologic is not natural?

Regardless scholars and other experts from the pen or from the criticism that will

explain that any wine is natural because generated as result of the natural fermentation

of a fruit and go to the essential.

  « Organic agriculture is a method of agricultural production is characterized by the

absence of use of synthetic chemistry (…) This method says having a better respect of the

living and the natural cycles … »Wikipedia.

Until then, nothing we does not know already! So why « natural » and not « organic »?

Because the winegrowers of  natural wine chose to push the process further:

They do not  only  pour no herbicide and /or insecticide in the ground, but they decided

to continue the logic not packing soil with harvesting machines for better ventilation.

Finally, and this is the big difference, once the harvest done, those winegrowers have

chosen to continue their logic  adding no substance from harvest to bottling. Neither

suffering nor sugar.

A natural wine is a beverage made ​​from organic vineyards, harvested by hand and in

which no yeast is added. No correction of acidity or micro-oxidation are allowed. It

contains only the SO2 naturally created during processing.

After a festive day, your head and your stomach will thank you!


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