Winemaking process

Upon harvest, the grapes are hand sorted and deposited in a cement tank, extremely clean, in which was placed a wooden floor.

 The tank is then closed. A first maceration is  performed with natural yeast, by CO2 saturation.

 Image1 vini

When maceration is ended, we rack the « vin de goutte » (liquid produced by the weight of grapes)


 It is time to press before putting the liquid back in tank so that the wine could finished its fermentation.

As it is added no sulfur or sugar, grapes requires daily monitoring until the end of the maceration.





Micro-organisms responsible for fermentation.

They are naturally on the skin of grapes.

Exogenous yeast:

Proposed by industry and to introduce into the grape must.

Indigenous yeasts:

Yeasts contained in the skin of grapes.